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FINALLY! A book releasing undeniable evidence that God is alive and indeed still in charge! And YES! There is an Anointed in this generation! The Most High Himself will testify to that fact to anyone who will dare to seek His Absolute Truth! (That’s right – God speaks directly to the soul and it’s unmistakable!)

And that TRUTH, long overdue, sometimes painful, sometimes incredible, has been suppressed long enough. The Anointed, The Elect And The Damned reveals in explicit detail the insidious plan for total global enslavement and unmasks the clever deception of all organized religions. No one among the manipulators is spared!

Read about the Apocalypse Horsemen identified, the Fall of Lucifer and the fourteen Seraphim who followed, the surprising origin and creation of Mankind on this planet explained, Biblical incongruities properly realigned with missing details provided to complete the “Big Picture,” ancient spiritual mysteries defined and brought to light, still applicable today; in short, the Revelations explained.

To summarize, be prepared for multiple “aha” moments, no matter from which walk of life the journey begins. To read the AED even if only once from start to finish, for those few whom it will awaken, is to know that this is the Most High Lord God of All Creation’s last call . . .

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